Deacon Ministry

Deacon Ministry

Along with the pastor, the office of a deacon is a high and holy office that should be borne upon the prayers of the church with all sincere and prayerful support given them so that their spiritual and material obligations may be performed.


  • To advise and help the Pastor in the oversight of spiritual interest of the church,
  • To prepare and assist in the administration of the ordinances, and
  • To supervise the business administration of the church, in addition to scriptural duties and obligations.


Williams Buie              228- 696-9220
Rodney Hankins         228-475-0084
John Joiner                   251-865-9988
Ed Nicholson               228-475-4372
Tollie Thigpen             228-475-5609
Ernest Watson            228-475-7075
Will Woods II              228-475-6137